Our Story

It all started with this.

It was never supposed to be…

Life is a showcase of miracles, and I’m currently carrying one.
My chances of having a life growing inside me was slim to none.  I was diagnosed with PCOS at a young age and was told that with the state of my condition, my chances were very slim of having child one day.  It sent me into a depression…at that time, kids were my life!  I worked with kids, I wanted to be a teacher and I wanted 3 kids before the age of 25.  Don’t we all wish life would go according to our plans?

Fast forward to now… At the age of 37, life has blessed me with the chance to carry a child… our child.  I can’t express the joy this little miracle has brought to our lives!  I’ve been so grateful, for every moment…for every kicks…for every aches & pains.

The moment I saw her during our ultrasound, I felt so much relief to see her kicking and moving around!  It was happening for real.
I cried, I laughed… I felt so blessed to live that moment.  And then I wanted a way to cherish this memory forever.  I wanted to freeze that little piece of time.

I went through different processes, different ideas… nothing would really work or catch my eye.  I wanted something that could bring a smile to our face on a daily basis.

One day, my fingers magically created this print.  I created a canvas with it.

We fell in love.  And so did many others.

ForeverBaby was born.


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